conference of the birds

This intervention takes place at the Muntplein in Brussels during the day on Tuesday October 9, 2018 without an audience. It will be documented and mapped in different ways and subsequently presented and discussed on Saturday evening, October 13, 2018, at 8pm in a conversation with Rozalinda Borcila, Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner, Jeroen Peeters, Naïmé Perrette and C.K. Raju.


Seen as sources of diseases, the city attempts to ban birds from public spaces by making it illegal to feed them. Belou finds that the way we try to hide these “flying rats” displays our disturbance with swampier times and grounds. Challenging this sensibility, he will activate several bird sticks to exhibit pigeons, parakeets and whoever flies along – a tribute to leftovers of wilderness in the city.

Martin Belou

Martin Belou (b. 1986, France) creates performative situations and experiences with the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Driven by intuition and artisanal savoir faire, he combines sculpture, drawing, and organic materials (mushrooms, spices, wood, stone, metal, chalk, etc.) in installations that often deal with universal notions of craftsmanship, tradition, and community.
He founded De La Charge, an artist-run space that was active for three years in Brussels, as well as the independent art agenda The Walk. His work has been shown in various project spaces, institutions, and galleries in France, Belgium, Mexico, and Germany.