This intervention takes place at the Muntplein during the day without an audience. It will be documented and mapped in different ways and subsequently presented and discussed on Wednesday evening, October 10, 2018, at 8pm in a conversation with Helena Dietrich and Mijke van der Drift.


Tauchmann’s recent work “Self-as-Other Trainings” is an ongoing research project that initiates an embodied approach to education on a kinesthetic level. Rather than representing the underlying politics and the subjects of discrimination in a known mediatic format, she re-enacts the embodied experience at the scale of the human, which changes how we can observe and experience a condition of otherness. The experiential performances, where the designer as well as the participants become the material and research tool itself, give an introduction into the physical realities of the “other” through repetitive and mimetic motions that represent everyday hardships.

In the context of the new local, she takes the Muntplein’s consumerist identity as a starting point to dissect economic complexities and the invisible forms of labor that inform global inequalities. Through the active embodiment, she aims to explore a new dialogue between the local and the global. Where do we explore moments of self-reflection and individual responsibility? How does the exercise reshape our connection to people beyond our known scope? How do we adopt a politics of everyday life that creates empathic and unbiased forms of communication and deconstructs notions of “otherness”?

Vivien Tauchmann

Vivien Tauchmann (b. 1990, Dresden, Germany) is a designer and researcher. She was first trained as a fashion designer at the Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg (2015) and graduated with a master’s in social design from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018. She investigates how sociopolitical relations are embedded in and affected by dominant logics of material culture and media practices. In the attempt to give alternative forms to debate, she articulates, physicalizes, and activates her position through a performative approach. By positioning her own body as communicative material, she seeks to expose the relational aspects of man-made infrastructures and subvert processes that seem to constitute cultural boundaries.

At the same time as working on her own projects, she is currently coordinator of communication for Urgent Appeals of the Clean Clothes Campaign at Entwicklungspolitisches Netzwerk Sachsen (ENS) e.V., which is dedicated to improving working conditions and empowering workers in the global garment industries.