perpetual motion report

the perpetual motion report observes the artistic performances taking place as part of the Precarious Pavilion, providing an interpretation through visual and written content. It gathers together the set of invisible layers created by each intervention and investigates the relationships that occur in a perpetual motion square intended as a model platform representing a multitude of other places in which the erratic courses of people’s lives unfold, without any need for a coherent rationale. Perpetual Motion Report as an atlas of possible spaces.

the perpetual motion report is part of the ongoing interventions which take place from Oct 9 till Oct 13 2018 in the framework of the new local.

Parasite 2.0

Parasite 2.0 was founded in 2010 by Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino, and Luca Marullo. They investigate the status of human habitat, operating with a hybrid of architecture, visual art, and design. They are the 2016 winners of YAP MAXXI. Their works have been exhibited at the XX Chilean Architecture Biennale (2017), the Shenzhen Architecture Biennale (2015), and the Venice Architecture Biennale (2014 and 2012). They have published the book Primitive Future Office. They are professors at the NABA Nuova Accademia Belle Arti in Milan and on the MADE Program at the Accademia di Belle Arti Rosario Gagliardi Siracusa in Sicily. Parasite 2.0 is represented by Operativa Arte Contemporanea Gallery and Galleria Corraini Arte Contemporanea.