underlying, a dérive-ative: sea rise and settler futurities

The video and essay Underlying are part of Rozalinda Borcilă’s experimental art research that explores the governance of climate change and rising sea levels in Miami. They are based on a seminar that coupled discursive pathways with field trips or “learning walks”—a situated, embodied, and relational modality—to consider how the financial logic of “climate resiliency” is connected with enduring histories of racialization and the ongoing process of inscribing settler colonial jurisdictions on native (wet)lands. The text describes some of the analytical and theoretical explorations that took place in the seminar, while the video offers a glimpse of the embodied part of the research by documenting a few group field trips charting a pathway from west to east, between the ocean and the hemmed-in wetlands—from the infrastructures of informational networks to hydraulic pumps against saltwater intrusion, sites of public “Indianness,” logistics zones, limestone mines, and prisons. In Underlying, Borcila will interweave the theoretical and embodied modalities to offer a glimpse of an emerging analytics.

underlying, a dérive-ative: sea rise and settler futurities is part of the ongoing interventions which take place from Oct 9 till Oct 13 2018 in the framework of the new local.

Rozalinda Borcilă

Rozalinda Borcilă’s artistic research traces local geographies of globalized racial finance. She makes videos, develops archives, writes, and organizes learning walks to probe the machinery of capital circulation, explore its metabolism, and experiment with possibilities for collective trespass. She is co-editor of the book Deep Routes: The Midwest in All Directions and the publication AREA Chicago: Art Research Education Activism. She collaborates with Compass, NoName Collective, and the Moratorium on Deportations Campaign, and is committed to autonomous No Borders activism. She teaches in universities, social centers, art institutions, squats, refugee camps, and on the street.