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Catalina Insignares

Catalina Insignares (1987, Bogotà, Colombia) is a dancer and choreographer based in Paris. Having studied dance in Canada and France, she gained a master’s in choreography and performance at Giessen University in Germany. As a choreographer, she is interested in pieces that question production systems in art and society. She’s looking for that moment when dance, touch, and movement escape their disciplinary regimes and generate unintelligible, unapologetic, what-ever-like subjectivities and collectivities. Her work is mainly built through collaborations (Carolina Mendonça, Else Tunemyr, Miriam Schulte, Caroline Creutzburg, Rodrigo Andreolli, Zuzana Zabkova, and Myriam Lefkowitz) and a continuous long-term practice titled “us as a useless duet,” presented in Giessen, Tallinn, St-Erme, and Paris.