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Slow Reading Club

Slow Reading Club (SRC) is a semi-fictional reading group initiated by Bryana Fritz and Henry Andersen in late 2016. The group deals in constructed situations for collective reading. SRC looks at, probes, and interrupts ‘readership’ as a way to stimulate the contact zones between reader and text, text and text, reader and reader. SRC does not aim at deconstruction or even comprehension of the texts in hands, but at the production of a kind of excess: to temporarily suspend criticality for intimacy and to negotiate agencies with the text.
Slow Reading Club premiered at kunstenfestivaldesarts 2017, in Brussels as part of an evening titled Before the Codes. Since then they have presented work in a number of performance, art, and discursive contexts: How Do Buildings Care? (La Loge, Brussels) Bâtard Festival 2017 (Beursschouwburg, Brussels & Veem House for Performance, Amsterdam), Whose Organs Were Those of a Leopard (Louise Dany, Oslo), and Reframing the House of Dust (CalArts, California). The group is currently in residence with the Art by Translation postgraduate program. They split their time between Brussels and its various elsewheres.