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Sofie Van Bruystegem

Urban development is everybody’s business. From this perspective, Sofie Van Bruystegem has developed many initiatives that involve citizens in the future of their city, operating under the umbrella of City Mine(d), which builds prototypes (working models) as an answer to questions/obstacles that emerge in specific urban contexts (water, energy, public space, democracy, etc.).
City Mine(d) builds coalitions of citizens, researchers, policy makers, private companies, makers/hackers/artists who collide and collate knowledge, experience, and convictions.
Sofie has developed prototypes in Brussels, London, and Barcelona linked to virtual/public space (GatInDeStad, guaGua), urban economy (Micronomics, MicroMarchéMidi, Waffle Bank), water, and the appropriation of technology (ProperWaterPavilion, Pacco-test). She is currently exploring the space for maneuver for citizens in the urban electricity landscape (Citizens Take Power – working title)